Managing and creating quality affordable housing for New Yorkers

Our Future: Creating More Affordable Housing

Now more than ever, New York City needs affordable housing. In keeping with its mission to keep Manhattan’s Lower East Side affordable to all, Grand Street Guild is creating more affordable housing in this community.

In response to community needs and after careful evaluation of our site, we have developed a plan to add two new buildings with approximately 400 new apartments,100% of which would be affordable. One building would be dedicated housing for seniors; the other focused on multi-bedroom apartments where families can establish roots in the neighborhood and afford to remain for generations to come.

Working closely with New York City’s Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) and Housing Development Corporation (HDC) as well as the federal agency Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we are able to add this vitally-needed housing at our existing Lower East Side location.

All project renderings by Handel Architects.

Project Details

In the midst of changes that have priced many out of the neighborhood, Grand Street Guild is seeking to do our part to keep our community affordable for those of all backgrounds and income levels.

To accomplish this, we have engaged skilled professionals with extensive experience in Manhattan-based projects. With their guidance, we have carefully evaluated the current condition of our site with an eye for its reasonable capacity for the future. This has involved running various tests to assess the water table level and bedrock depth; verify below-ground power, water and communications conduits; study area traffic and pedestrian patterns and more. We are also aware of ongoing and approved future developments elsewhere in our community, and our team is planning proactively to reduce the inconvenience our project might have on area residents and visitors.

Grand Street Guild is committed to maintaining the high standard of living our residents expect and deserve. Enhanced benefits to current residents that we are working on in connection with this project include:

  • Continuing to expand social services offered to residents, as exemplified by our Community Health Worker program in partnership with the Henry Street Settlement.
  • Creating two new community rooms (one in each of the new tower buildings) to accommodate expanded programming.
  • Creating a well-stocked food pantry for residents in need.
  • Expanding and redesigning our open green space, gardens and bench areas to allow for better circulation patterns, relaxing recreation and outdoor social activity.
  • Installing state-of-the-art broadband technology to provide high-speed secure internet access for the entire Grand Street Guild complex.
  • Constructing a bright and secure parking garage with spaces set aside for Grand Street Guild residents who currently utilize onsite vehicle storage.

Our Team

Grand Street Guild has assembled an expert team to develop a plan to offer more affordable housing at our Lower East Side location.

  • Handel Architects, project architect
  • Semmens Associates, landscape architect
  • Monadnock Construction, general contractors
  • AKRF, environmental review and engineering

All project renderings by Handel Architects.


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