Grand Street Guild Cares Programming Page

Welcome to the Grand Street Guild Cares program landing page. Learn more about our mental health and wellness support programs.

Confronting Covid – tell your Covid story through art or written word and see it published
Grand Street Guild Safe Spaces – A support group to help residents talk through their stressors
Support Hour – Get the self care tools you need to thrive

To learn more call Diana De Leon at 917-618-0620 or Diana.Deleon@archny.org

Grand Street Guild Entrepreneurs Programming Page

Welcome to the Grand Street Guild Entrepreneurs landing page. Learn about the different networking and learning opportunities to help you start or grow your own business.

NYU Entrepreneurial Strategy
NYU Financial Modeling For Your Business
Grand Street Guild Shared Workspace

To learn more call Andrea Molina at 646-770-6598 or email Andrea.Molina@archny.org

Grand Street Guild Scholars Programming Page

Welcome to the landing page for Grand Street Guild Scholars. Learn about the different opportunities for you child to unlock their full potential!

Homework Help – Wednesdays at 2 pm: Stuck on a problem? get help by dropping by our homework help hour
SHSAT Prep – Saturday 11-1: get prepared for the SHSAT by learning the best test taking strategies

To learn more call Jeffrey Chen at 646-984-0167 or email Jeffrey.Chen@archny.org

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Accessing Benefits Page

As of March 22, 2020, New York State has been on PAUSE. This means that all non-essential businesses have been directed to suspend activities, and New Yorkers refrain from leaving their homes except for essential trips, such as for food and medical visits. As a result of the PAUSE act, Grand Street Guild understands that many residents have been affected by the closure of their businesses or have had their hours severely reduced. This page is a guide for residents to access the benefits and services that are available for all New Yorkers. If you have any questions you can contact Grand Street Guild Community & Social Services at 646-856-6385 (En/Esp) or 646-984-0167(En/Cn).

The IRS has recently launched their online portal for non-filers to provide the necessary information to receive an economic impact check (Coronavirus Relief Check) even if you have not filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019. If you need assistance navigating the portal please contact Henry Orbe at NYLAG. (347-286-1631)

Economic Impact Registration for Non-Filers

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Public Health Page

There is widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in New York City, meaning the sources of new infections are unknown. Everyone in New York City should act as if they have been exposed to COVID-19. That means you should monitor your health closely and stay home. Only go out for essential supplies and services, such as groceries or urgent medical care.

Staying home will help slow the spread of COVID-19 and will protect others from becoming critically ill and dying. Staying home also protects essential workers, including health care providers and retail workers, who must continue to work. Essential workers need to stay healthy to continue to provide services, such as caring for the sick and keeping groceries and food available.

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格兰街公会冠状病毒 (新装病毒) 资源

冠状病毒 (Covid-19) 是一个人与人之间传播的呼吸病毒。世界卫生组织 宣布了冠状病毒成为一个全球大流行性疾病。疾病控制中心推荐 以下方式帮助您减少患冠状病毒的危险,良好的卫生习惯和社会疏远。



  • 发热
  • 咳嗽
  • 呼吸急促



  • 用肥皂和水经常洗手至少20秒,或用含酒精的洗手液。
  • 遮住你的鼻子和嘴,用纸巾或打喷嚏或咳嗽时套 – 不使用你的手。
  • 不要用不洗手触摸你的脸。
  • 监控您的健康,特别注意您是否有感冒的症状。
  • 在公共地方的时候,保持6英尺的距离。


  • 呆在家里,如果您生病了。联系您的家庭医生如果您开始出现冠状病毒的症状。例如咳嗽,发热,呼吸急促,或者其他感冒的症状。
  • 如果您的状态没有进步,联系您的家庭医生或者您的健康护理提供者。
  • 如果您需要帮助获得医疗护理,您可以联系格兰街公会的社区卫生工作者,它们电话号码是 212-471-2400 ext 1819 或者您可以打 311。
  • 在纽约市您可以获得照顾,无论您的支付能力或者您的移民身份。
  • 医院工作者不会问您的移民身份。接受医疗护理不是一个公共收费。不会被公共收费规则影响了



  • 增加对公共区域的清洁。
  • 如果您的收入被冠状病毒影响了您可以联系管理处向工作人员咨询。打212-674-2820
  • 从3月16日开始,為了減少親密接觸,我們將不再進行面對面的重新認證採訪。 所有需要進行年度重新認證或需要臨時重新認證的居民都應致電辦公室,以便我們準備您的重新認證包,以便您在家中完成。



  • 社区卫生工作者: 212-471-2400 ext 1819 – 如果您有任何医疗护理的问题,您可以联系它们。
  • 纽约法律帮助会: 347-286-1631 – 格兰街公会的现场财务顾问。他可以代表您联系债权人,提供关于财务的事情的咨询。
  • 格兰街公会社区与社会服务部门: 646-984-0167 – 现场工作者可以提供服务或信息。


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Memo to all residents regarding Section 8



收件者: 格蘭街行會公寓的居民
寄件者: 格蘭街行會
主旨: 第8條

我們特此寫信給您,摘要介紹適用於布魯姆街131號(131 Broome Street),格蘭街460號(460 Grand Street)和格蘭街410號(410 Grand Street)的格蘭街行會項目的鎖定可負擔性限制。我們希望讓您知道,您所住公寓的可負擔性是安全有保障的,敬請放心。