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Apply Today for Social Services Summer Internship

The Grand Street Guild Social Services Department is accepting applications for its Social Services Summer Internship Program. This paid, part-time position, located on site at Grand Street Guild, is designed for young residents who are passionate about social justice and community organizing. Working with our talented staff, the intern will gain insight into nonprofit management as well as enjoy special opportunities to tour behind-the-scenes at partner organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, in tandem with volunteers from Catholic Charities.


  • Summer internship program runs from July 8, 2019, to August 30, 2019 (8 weeks)
  • Interns will receive a stipend (this will not factor into rent calculation)
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 19 years old, and current residents of Grand Street Guild, to be eligible
  • No previous experience required


  • Essay: Tell us why you’re inspired to apply for this position? What does “community” mean to you at Grand Street Guild? Prepare your thoughts in an essay, no more than 500 words.
  • Contact Information: Be sure your essay submission includes your name, the name of your head of household, the contact information (both phone and email preferred) for you and your guardian.
  • Submit: Email your completed application packet by 5:00pm on May 31, 2019, to either or


Intern Retrospective
Our 2018 Social Services Summer Intern, Elizabeth R., shares her experience working with Grand Street Guild.

“As a young adult and future college student, it’s important for me to learn as much as I can now and gain experience. My internship at the Social Services Department has both given me experience as well as momentum for my next employment opportunity. I’m both grateful and honored to have had this opportunity to work alongside Social Services.

“One thing that I’ve learned as an intern is time management. It is important for both students and employees to practice managing their time, especially when there’s a deadline to meet. In the past, I’ve struggled with disciplining myself to get things done in time, and if one is employed it’s especially crucial to get it done as soon as possible. With my internship, I have more practice with it, which is a good thing if I’m to start school soon. I feel more prepared and, most importantly, confident in doing assignments during my junior year.

“Another thing my coworkers taught me was how to plan things like events and programs. During my internship, I spent a lot of time in classes and programs that the Social Services Department provides for our residents, as well as take part in planning big events like Social Services Day and Movie Night. I got a behind the scenes look at making things work, putting ideas into action, preparation, and plotting the next steps. For me to be successful, I can apply these things to my work, which gives me even more momentum for me in the future, as these are great skills to have in the outside world.

“Since this was a paid internship, it not only will it provide me with tools to use in the real world, but it also gave me the opportunity to learn how to save and budget my money. It’s all a very exciting experience for me when I finally got my first important paycheck! Soon, I will have all the necessary skills I need when I’m older, so that when the time comes for me to get a full-time job, I know what I have to do to be ahead of the game.

“My internship has taught me a lot over these past four weeks, but overall, I had a lot of fun! I got to take part in all of these cool programs and classes, as well as create a proposal for a creative writing class. They valued my opinions as both an intern and a resident, and I was included in important business. And I got paid for it! Everyone was great, it was an enriching experience, and I got a lot out of it. The Social Services Department really does work their hardest to provide comfort and help to the residents of Grand Street, and I’m more than honored to have been a part of their team, even if it was only for a month. Now, I feel ready and prepared, with more confident than ever to get out there. Thank you for letting me join the team.”