Managing and creating quality affordable housing for New Yorkers

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Accessing Benefits Page

As of March 22, 2020, New York State has been on PAUSE. This means that all non-essential businesses have been directed to suspend activities, and New Yorkers refrain from leaving their homes except for essential trips, such as for food and medical visits. As a result of the PAUSE act, Grand Street Guild understands that many residents have been affected by the closure of their businesses or have had their hours severely reduced. This page is a guide for residents to access the benefits and services that are available for all New Yorkers. If you have any questions you can contact Grand Street Guild Community & Social Services at 646-856-6385 (En/Esp) or 646-984-0167(En/Cn).

The IRS has recently launched their online portal for non-filers to provide the necessary information to receive an economic impact check (Coronavirus Relief Check) even if you have not filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019. If you need assistance navigating the portal please contact Henry Orbe at NYLAG. (347-286-1631)

Economic Impact Registration for Non-Filers

Unemployment Insurance for NYS 
Can be done online here: or by calling
1-888-209-8124 between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday

Apply for affordable health insurance for individuals and families via the New York State of Health website. 
(Or visit by calling the HSS Neighborhood Resource Center to meet with a Certified Navigator who can assist via telephone)
Apply today:

MTA Fair Fare program provides reduced metrocard fares for individuals and families who meet certain income guidelines. Click below for more information to check if you qualify.
Apply today:

Looking for assistance with your Taxes for free then click below to file by July 15, 2020. 
Make an appointment today:

Food Bank Information to find a local Pantry  
Find a location near you here:

Applying for SNAP or Public Assistance 
Visit the ACCESS NYC page to learn how:

Applying for Remote Learning Devices

Learn more about Remote Learning and fill out the form if your child needs a remote learning device:

Notify NYC  
Register for emergency notifications by visiting, calling 311, or following @NotifyNYC on Twitter
If you need help finding a doctor to test for COVID-19 call 311 for more information.

NYC Well 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) Español: Press 3 中文: Press 4
Text WELL to 65173
Helping New Yorkers in Crisis
NYC Well is your connection to free, confidential mental health support. Speak to a counselor via phone, text, or chat and get access to mental health and substance use services, in more than 200 languages, 24/7/365.

Mental Health Hotline 1-844-863-9314
Call today to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional totally free.

Expanding free grab and go meals to all New Yorkers 
3 meals a day to all children and adults
400 sites across 5 boroughs Monday – Friday
7:30AM – 11:30 AM to children and families
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM to adults
To find your school: Text “FOOD” or “COMIDA” to 877-877
No one will be turned away:

Senior Home Delivered Meals:   
If you or someone you know is homebound and unable to prepare their own meals, please call the AgingConnect program and tell them you need to sign up for Meals On Wheels at 212-244-6469.
All Senior Centers city wide are closed until further notice. 


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